Spiritual & Personal Growth

This team looks at how to encourage fresh thinking, further development of spiritual formation and personal growth and a desire to inspire others within the Parish to encounter God in all things.  They also consider whether we tend just to come to Mass on a Sunday - or can we seek ways to raise our love and awareness of our faith and a willingness to be seen as true disciples at all times.

The Team supports and encourages our range of sacramental preparation courses, liturgies and faith exploration and investigates the viability and availability of various courses, retreats, reflection days, visits and speakers. They seek to interest and enthuse people to take part and increase their knowledge and understanding of their personal faith.  They aim to ensure the Parish is given full information about spiritual and pastoral activities and provide transport and funding where possible.

In considering different approaches to and types of prayer and reflection, the Team talks to speakers, priests and prayer guides to invite them to share their methods.  They will also investigate the interest of parishioners in their willingness to deliver or be a part of regular prayer groups/scripture reading and reflection groups.  

For more about vocations please see the Diocesan website


Pope Francis emphasises that, “The Parish is a community of communities .... and a centre of constant missionary outreach,”  
(Apostolic Exhortation, 26 November 2013) – hence:

Could you use your personal gifts to help fellow parishioners and the wider community to grow in their prayer and pastoral life by engaging in the running and promotion of the above teams?  We are always ready to welcome new team members.  Please either contact one of the Team Leaders listed in the weekly bulletin and on our website or the Teams’ Co-ordinator, Gerard Murphy at srspteams@gmail.com.