This team has the opportunity to develop both the worship and creative sides of the liturgy in order to help people into a deeper awareness of God’s love and healing presence in the midst of the community and individuals. This means that this team will have to grow in prayer, sensitive and careful planning with creative thought given to Scripture and Church Tradition. Liturgies to celebrate the seasons of the Liturgical Year, particular Feast Days, Parish community and individual achievements, healing, etc are being looked at. How can we create liturgies that are going to touch various groups in the Parish: the housebound, youth, young families, the bereaved, those just struggling in life, the weary, annual celebrations of Marriage, Baptism etc - in fact, all areas of life? How can we use IT, music, colour, lighting, and other physical resources

Healing in the power of the Risen Lord is the centre of all liturgical celebrations. So where should we begin to develop the Healing Ministry in our parishes today? Pope Francis tells us to begin in the pews; in other words, with those who join us in the celebration of the Eucharist or in other liturgical celebrations. 


Pope Francis emphasises that, “The Parish is a community of communities .... and a centre of constant missionary outreach,”  
(Apostolic Exhortation, 26 November 2013) – hence:

Could you use your personal gifts to help fellow parishioners and the wider community to grow in their prayer and pastoral life by engaging in the running and promotion of the above teams?  We are always ready to welcome new team members.  Please either contact one of the Team Leaders listed in the weekly bulletin and on our website or the Teams’ Co-ordinator, Gerard Murphy at