This team considers how we can best communicate the Good News of the Gospel - as well as Diocesan and Parish news and matters of interest - to our Parish community, to others living in the local community and to the wider world. They are looking afresh at our vision of communicating the Gospel values. 

They are reviewing our current strategy and how we communicate: notice boards, weekly bulletin, website, handouts, home visits, announcements in church, word of mouth, etc. 

The team will ask whether these means of communication are sufficient and effective at telling people who we are and what we believe in and showing how we live out those beliefs. We have to raise the profile of communications and discover where there might be gaps and/or weaknesses in our overall communications strategy.



Pope Francis emphasises that, “The Parish is a community of communities .... and a centre of constant missionary outreach,”  
(Apostolic Exhortation, 26 November 2013) – hence:

Could you use your personal gifts to help fellow parishioners and the wider community to grow in their prayer and pastoral life by engaging in the running and promotion of the above teams?  We are always ready to welcome new team members.  Please either contact one of the Team Leaders listed in the weekly bulletin and on our website or the Teams’ Co-ordinator, Gerard Murphy at