The Catholic Women's League

The Catholic Womens’ League (CWL) has over 5 million members worldwide. We promote the advancement of women all over the world, support Human Rights and give support to those unjustly imprisoned.

The CWL is a founder of the World Union of Catholic Womens’ Organisations. The CWL offers the opportunity to its members to train and learn new skills. The skills learnt can be applied to Parish and Community work, helping with Catechetics, visiting the sick, counselling and ecumenism.

The CWL is one of the leading Refugee Agencies in England. We give small donations to help provide refugees and asylum seekers basic essentials of life, for example teaching English and helping those new to our country to integrate into their surroundings.

The CWL has been established here in St Robert's for 68 years, we meet every Tuesday morning at 10am in St Robert’s Meeting Room.

We endeavour to live up to our motto of Charity, Work and Loyalty.

We currently have 17 members.

Why not come join us?

You will be warmly welcomed.